Covid 19


Remember what it was like to manage your business before COVID-19? 

Yeah, we don't either!

With updated mandates continuously being released, the COVID-19 situation and its impact continue to change daily. As a result employers are faced with new challenges in navigating best practices for their business. We partner with employers to make the best decisions to support their team. ad-hoc HR Solutions has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation and can assist with implementing and administering programs to help including:

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act-NEW!

    • Emergency Paid Sick Leave

    • Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA Expanded)

  • State of CA EDD Options for Employers & Employees

  • Business Continuity Plans

  • Internal Company Communication Plans & Updates

  • Reimbursements to Employers through Tax Credits

We are here to help you navigate through your options as an employer and help you make the best decisions possible for your employees and business during this uncertain season.

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